Tom has spent much of his career in the Digital and TV Industries.

What separates Tom from everyone else is his ability to provide inspirational, strategic leadership and all the lessons of building some of the most successful teams and business going. From Turner Broadcasting to CBS Sportsline, from Univision to Facebook, his integrity and leadership skills have been core to his work. Tom spent over 7 years at Facebook, leading the Global Marketing Solutions business for North America. Tom developed a business built on world class talent, built on the values of the company’s greatest motto’s of “proceed and be bold”.

His approach has been centered on collaboration, trust and operational excellence with the world’s biggest and brightest marketers. Tom has always been bold to call new game, changing the way companies thought about social platforms, people, and the long term value of building lasting, authentic relationships between people and brands. Tom had a front row seat for marketing’s transformation.

“We believe AP can impact how companies grow. Our collective experience and approach of doing the work with our partners is unique and invaluable for any consumer centric company, big or small, to ramp their business. Adjacency Partners is just getting started.”







Bryan brings proven leadership from his 25 years of working with some of the best consumer product, entertainment, and sports brands in the world, including Salomon/adidas, Burton, UFC, Nike, and GoPro. His expertise in establishing business strategy, global brand building, product marketing, and revenue growth are mirrored by an ability to galvanize people and plans to generate maximum ROI to all stakeholders.

Bryan is a natural leader and mentor who involves himself at all levels of business, fostering energy and team dynamics. Thriving on the competitive corporate environment, Bryan likes to leverage success across entire organizations to build creative cultures that have fun and win at the same time. He's dramatically improved the global marketing reach and cultural capital in every brand he's been involved with.