Your Digital and Social Identity is your Brand.  

Owning your brand narrative will always remain important as it guides your relationship with the world. However the message you push out to the world is balanced by the two-way conversation that comes back to you. The days of having a singular Big brand narrative and positioning are over. Today brands must used paid media to insert themselves into the right conversations at the right time. Social intelligence is not the beginning of your digital social strategy but where strategy is executed through policies, procedures, metrics, tactics and tools you use to listen, measure, respond, integrate and engage in real-time online conversation. This is the 80% of the planned effort, the 20% that becomes the inbound is where the value is found for your brand, whether it is a social, digital or UGC inspired conversation. Adjacency Partners has successfully defined and executed plans that improve business. Our focus is to find that immersive experience that defines your brand, makes you memorable and grows your business no matter where your consumer chooses to meet you, it's their choice not yours where, when, and how often they choose to spend time with your brand.  You better make it a damn good experience. We understand it and its where come from.