We focus on both the critical next 12-24 months of a companies evolution and what is essential for the long-term on a company’s trajectory.


Adjacency Partners has the ability to add value to both short term and long term advisory and investment horizon's of five years, sometimes longer. We want to be very selective with the people and companies we work with.

Our goals are simple, we add and unlock value. Financially, we strive to take pressure off of the business short term. Raising capital drains the senior management team of resources and focus, we try to give that back. Our approach evaluates through the simple mindset that all great ideas are not great business's. We look at the potential consumer and ask; Is it proprietary? Is there an existing infrastructure for this business? Does the model scale? And is there a margin model that drives the business? Most importantly will our partners embrace an outside perspective? Inertia and Momentum are your biggest business allies, can we create a collaboration that provides this forward looking mindset?

When we look at growth capital with a different lens, we look at the business and equally as important, the talent in the company.  People are the key to any ventures success. You should look at us the same way. Capital can be easy, the relationship that comes with it, maybe not.

We make investments and work in advisory roles as well. We do not have a preordained formula for working with emerging and mid-growth brands. It is about the relationship, it's about working with great people who have no egos and working effectively with entrepreneurs who are open to create a structure and process that has clear sight lines to a winning environment and culture.

We add value beyond capital. Our job is to bring relationships and business expertise that allows to you to think differently and bigger. We tell you what we are doing every step of the way and what we are trying to achieve for your business.